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Gospel Communities

Church is more than a worship service. The Bible describes the life of the church as a people redeemed by the grace of God living ordinary lives together with a mission to reach and serve their neighborhood with that good news of redemption. This shared life around the gospel sent on mission is what we call Gospel Communities. Each week Journey The Way gathers corporately for worship and then scatters in small communities throughout the city of Wichita to learn about God, pray, eat, laugh, and live. We challenge, encourage, exhort, pray for, serve, cry, and seek to bring the gospel to bear upon each other’s lives and the lives of our neighbors as we humbly serve, give, and love them.

Gospel Community is an essential identity of a follower of Jesus, so for us, these groups are natural outflows of a life lived pursuing Jesus. If you’re looking to get more connected at Journey The Way, Gospel Communities are the way to do it.

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